Independent Oversight Committee

The Independent Oversight Committee consists of representatives from National Early Childhood Development Alliance (NECDA) and South African Congress for Early Childhood Development as well as representatives from bona fide donors, business, independent experts, representatives from government and international organisations as to ensure an impartial structure that will be responsible for the receiving and reviewing all applications, and the deciding on the allocation of funds.


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Responsibilities of the Independent Oversight Committee

In accordance with Clause 9.1 the Independent Oversight Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Set out the Committee’s operational principles and procedures based on the criteria and provisions set out in this Founding Document and append it as Addendum B.
  • Determine in accordance with clause 6.1 the terms and conditions for the disbursements of funds from the ECD-support-fund and append it as Addendum A to the Founding Document.
  • Ensure that each application is considered in a fair, unbiased and just manner.
  • Determine the minimum amount to be disbursed to any applicant that will ensure that its sustainability is viable.
  • Review and amend the application procedures in accordance with clause 10 and append it as Addendum E to the Founding Document.
  • Determine in accordance with clause 11 the procedures for the allocation and disbursement of funds and append it as Addendum F to the Founding Document.
  • Allocations are done responsibly, ethically and transparently.
  • Notwithstanding operating under the auspices of NECDA Management Board, the Independent Oversight Committee shall be independent from any influence by NECDA members and management board, or donors to the ECD-support-fund, or any other entity.
  • Ensure that all administrative and legal requirements are met.

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