Advocacy ECD Policy and Engagement

NECDA and its members organisations play an important role in improving both access to and the quality of ECD programmes and services. Current service provision and programming is not at the required level to effectively impact the development of children. Awareness regarding the rights of the child to access ECD and the importance of ECD is a serious challenge both at the government level and the within under resourced communities." to "both at the government level and within the under resourced communities.


  • NECDA Chairperson serves as committee chair for non-state sector role players on the National ECD Inter- Sectoral Forum
  • NECDA has made submission of policy position and comments on the National Integrated ECD Policy to National DSD as well as input into key HR policies that impact the ECD sector
  • NECDA member organisations and ECD experts participated in a working group to develop Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development Practitioner Level 4 (ID 97542)
National ECD Alliance