Information for contributors

Contributions to the ECD-support-fund are voluntary and include, though not limited to, the following potential contributors: individuals, donors and philanthropic organisations, corporate companies, business and private sector, trusts, foundations, private family foundations or similar, government (national, provincial and local), State entities and agencies, local and international development partners, civil society organisations, academic institutions, professional associations, statutory bodies or similar, any other entity or group that operates within the laws of the country,

Standard conditions associated with contributions:

  • Further Educations and Training Certificate Early Childhood Development NQF Level4 (58761)
  • All contributions will be managed and allocated in terms of the conditions set out in this Founding Document, and no additional conditions may be required by any contributor.
  • Every contribution will be publicly acknowledged on a monthly basis, unless a contributor prefers to remain anonymous, in which case the contribution will be published under "anonymous contributions".
  • Every contributor will receive a written acknowledgement/receipt of a contribution within 30 days of that contribution.
  • Contributors will receive a list of all beneficiaries that are funded collectively through the ECD-support-fund in the form of a monthly report to the sector.
Please see clause 8 of the Founding Document.

Our contributors

The Independent Oversight Committee of the ECD-Support-Fund wishes to express their appreciation towards the following contributors:

June/July 2020Sarah Rennie (Individual)R10 000
June/July 2020KhululekaR10 000
June/July 2020Giuliana Bland (Individual)R2 000
June/July 2020Viviers Family TrustR10 000
June/July 2020Jim Joel FundR325 000

Contributions received that requested to remain anonymous:
1May 2020R20 000
2June/July 2020R20 000

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